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Department of Bioengineering Seminar Series

Page Morton Hunter Distinguished Seminar Series

The Page Morton Hunter Distinguished Seminar Series is sponsored by the Clemson University Department of Bioengineering. Speakers from across the country are invited to speak about research, challenges, and innovation within bioengineering.

The series is held Thursday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 in the Rhodes Annex. There is a reception following the presentations.

  • Mrs. Page Morton Hunter's lifelong career of individual volunteerism and public service reflects a significant personal commitment to the advancement of education and to the improvement of the human community.
    After earning degrees from Mercer and Emory universities, the Gray, Georgia, native advanced the Allied Cause during World War II by helping to establish libraries at United States Army and Air Force installations across the country. In 1943 she became chief of libraries for the Third United States Air Force.
    Following the war, Mrs. Hunter lived in New York City, where she was involved in extensive volunteer work for her church and community and for the fledgling United Nations. She would meet arriving UN-delegation staff members from around the world and help them settle into their new surroundings.
    By 1973, Mrs. Hunter had returned to the South and become assistant director of the Athens, Georgia, Regional Library. It was during this period that she married the late Thomas Mitchell Hunter, a 1909 Clemson graduate and a distinguished engineer and inventor. Together the Hunters shared a suite at the Clemson House and great love for Clemson University. Evidence of this love includes The Hunter Endowed Chair of Bioengineering, The Hunter Honors Lecture Series, and The Page Morton Hunter Engineering Fellowship.

Seminar Series Spring 2022 Schedule

April 21, 2022

3:30-4:30 PM
Francesco Travascio, Ph.D.Francesco Travascio, Ph.D.
Associate Professor at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Miami

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Zoom Meeting Room

March 17, 2022

3:30-4:30 PM
Arman Kilic, MDArman Kilic, MD
John M. Kratz Endowed Chair in Cardiac Surgery

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111 Rhodes Annex or Zoom

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January 20, 2022

3:30-4:30 PM
 X. Lucas Lu, Ph.D.X. Lucas Lu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor at the University of Delaware

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