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Ann C. Foley, Ph.D.

Ann C. Foley Associate Professor
Ph.D. Columbia University

Research Interests
Tissue Engineering
Regenerative Medicine
Cardiac Development

Phone 843-876-2393

Cardiac Regenerative Medicine Laboratory

Cardiovascular Differentiation
Lineage specific differentiation of cardiomyocytes
Large scale amplification of cardiac lineages
Biofabrication of sinoatrial node tissue

Epigenetic Identification of developmental enhancers
Design of enhancer reporters
Production of enhancer reporter ES cell lines

Mesoderm/Substrate interactions required for Cardiomyogenesis
Lineage specific differentiation of endoderm
EXtraembryonic-ENdoderm (XEN) stem cells as a model for cardiac induction
Bioartificial "niches" for cardiac induction