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Bruce Z. Gao, Ph.D.

Bruce Z. Gao Professor and The South Carolina SmartState Endowed Chair in Biofabrication Engineering
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami 1999

Research Interests
Optical Imaging
Cell-ECM Interaction

Office 401-2 Rhodes Engineering Research Center
Phone 864-656-0185

Biophotonics Lab

Imaging Cell-Extracellular Matrix Interactions

Coherence-based optical imaging (OCT, digital holography)
Nonlinear optics-based imaging
Laser tweezers and laser cell micropatterning techniques

Engineered microenvironments for cell culture
Lab-on-a-chip cell- and tissue-culture models
Microfluidics-based laser cell-sorting system

Cell-cell and cell-ECM interactions
Electrical and mechanical couplings between cardiac cells
Neural guidance under microfabricated environments
Engineered microniche: Stem- and cancer-cell development