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Dan Simionescu, Ph.D.

Dan Simionescu Harriet and Jerry Dempsey Professor
Ph.D. Biology, Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology, Bucharest 1999

Research Interests
Minimally invasive therapy
Tissue Regeneration

Office 304 Rhodes Annex
Phone 864-656-5559

Biocompatibility and Tissue Regeneration Laboratory — Clemson University
Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine — Greenville Hospital System

Biocompatibility and Tissue Regeneration

Biomaterials: Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Applications
Artificial heart valves, vascular grafts, myocardial patches
Engineered intervertebral disc components
Biocompatibility testing in vitro and in vivo

Patient-Tailored Tissue Regeneration
Tissue and organ 3D reconstruction
Human mesenchymal stem cells
Organ-specific bioreactors
Tissue regeneration in pediatric patients

Tissue Engineering
Biological scaffolds with controlled degradation
Cues for stem cell differentiation
Living heart valves, arteries, veins, heart muscle
Functional viable intervertebral discs