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Agneta Simionescu, Ph.D.

Agneta Simionescu Professor
Graduate Coordinator
Ph.D. Biochemistry/Cell Biology, Romanian Academy of Science, Bucharest, 2001

Research Interests
Translational tissue engineering

Office 501-1 Rhodes Engineering Research Center
Phone 864-650-2575

Tissue Engineering Lab

Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering in Diabetes

Diabetes-related modifications of biomaterials
Irreversible chemical modifications: collagen and elastin scaffolds
Cardiovascular biomaterial stiffness in diabetes
Diabetes-resistant scaffolds treated with antioxidant agents

Stem cells derived from diabetic subjects
Diabetic stem cell characterization and differentiation
Stem cell responses to biochemical, mechanical cues
Matrix remodeling in diabetic subjects

Microvascular network formation in diabetes
Proangiogenic peptide immobilization to 3D tissue constructs
Biomaterial-stiffness adjustment
Testing in diabetic animal models