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Alexey Vertegel, Ph.D.

Alexey Vertegel Associate Professor
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Moscow State University, Russia 1996

Research Interests
Protein-nanoparticle conjugates
surface modification
scanning probe microscopy

Office 202 Rhodes Annex
Phone 864-656-0801

Bionanomaterials Laboratory

Surface Bioengineering

Nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
Antioxidant nanoparticles for respiratory-tract protection
Thrombolytic nanodevices
Nanoparticles for neuroprotection
Antibacterial enzyme-nanoparticle conjugates

Fiber-based biosensors and biodevices
Biosensors for self-diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis
Biosensors embeddable in ordinary household items
Artificial proboscis for probing individual cells

Advanced scanning-probe-microscopy techniques
Mapping mechanical properties of cells and tissues
Bacterial recognition using piezoresponse force microscopy