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Alpha Eta Mu Beta

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What is AEMB?

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is a National Biomedical Engineering Honors Society.  Founded in 1979, it seeks to recognize and inspire excellence within the biomedical and bioengineering field.  Its members show high scholastic achievement, strong moral character, and leadership within their discipline.  Clemson’s chapter of AEMB was founded in 2011.  We seek to embody AEMB’s mission on Clemson University’s campus and to help our members to develop into future leaders and innovators in the biomedical and bioengineering field.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta’s Mission:

  1. Encourage their members to be active with in the bioengineering profession
  2. Unify the bioengineering student body in presenting its needs and ideals to faculty
  3. Strengthen student-faculty relationships
  4. Build relationships with all organizations and groups working in bioengineering
  5. Create an experience for its members that bring together the group’s similar interests, objectives, and abilities
  6. Promote professional development and prosperity of its members

How to I become a member?

Membership in AEMB is extended to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Undergraduate students must have scholastic achievements that place them in the top one-fifth of their class as juniors or in the top one-third of their class as seniors and have completed at least six credits of bioengineering courses.  Graduate students must be in the upper one-third of their class, have completed twelve semester hours (PhD) or nine semester hours (masters), and have at least one first author professional publication.

How much are dues?

Dues are $50 and are paid when you are join the organization. They cover both national and chapter dues.

What are the benefits of joining AEMB?

  1. Recognition – membership in AEMB marks you as a bioengineer with outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, and good moral character.
  2. Networking – AEMB gives you a the chance to meet and interact with students, faculty, industry representatives, and government organizations both locally and globally
  3. Community Involvement – being a member of AEMB gives you the chance to reach out to the community through service opportunities and through teaching the non-scientific community about bioengineering
  4. Development – AEMB members get a chance to further develop their bioengineering careers through our discussions on ethical issues, service opportunities, and outreach
  5. Resume Enhancement – being a member of AEMB stands out on a resume and makes you more marketable to graduate schools and employers

What is expected of members?

Members are expected to actively participate in the chapter’s activities.  This includes attending initiation, chapter meetings, participating in our Roper Mountain Science Center project, and completing service requirements.

What can I do to become more involved in AEMB?

You can become more involved in AEMB by running for an officer position, suggesting more projects for the group to get involved in, and volunteering to help head up projects.

Who can I contact for more information?

Amanda Beall

Calvin Chernyatinskiy
Treasurer and Social Chair

Halli Wall

Omar Aguilar
Professional Development and Service Chir