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Design Your Future


Design & Entrepreneurship Network

The DEN™ (Design & Entrepreneurship Network) is a student-led open mic platform on which students share ideas for a business product or concept, students form interdisciplinary business teams, and teams receive instant feedback and mentorship from DEN mentors- real entrepreneurs, designers, CEOs, founders, etc.

The DEN is made up of people with new ideas they'd like to see further developed as well as those who just want to help out on other people's projects. Mentors are key to this improvement process--we have mentors that help lead specific teams as well as those that give advice to any and all groups that could use their expertise.

Bre Przestrzelski cultivates innovation and entrepreneurship

Breanne Przestrzelski

“We’re giving students ownership of what they are learning,” Przestrzelski said."They’re having to be innovative with what they’re doing beyond graduation.”


For more information about the DEN, email Dr. John DesJardins at

Watt Family Innovation Center