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Technology Transfer

Entrepreneurial activities in the department are underpinned by a strong tradition. Pioneering biomaterials work conducted by Clemson faculty has led to the discovery of medical devices that have revolutionized health care.


Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF)

CURF is a nonprofit corporation that facilitates the transfer of Clemson University’s intellectual property to the private sector for commercial development and societal benefit. The mission of CURF is to commercialize the intellectual property of Clemson University through technology transfer, licensing agreements and new venture formations.

CURF works directly with the Clemson University research community, including the bioengineering department faculty, students and staff, to foster invention, to manage intellectual property created from research, and to promote Clemson technology to industry members in order to bridge the emerging bioengineering innovations to the marketplace. CURF also acts as a resource to industry to identify and license new innovations, to access Clemson University research resources, and to support start-up activities.

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Chris Gesswein
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Vincie Albritton
Deputy Director and Director of Finance & Operations
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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the process of transforming knowledge and discoveries from the laboratory to the public sector.  In a university environment, this transfer takes many forms.  The Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF), on behalf of Clemson University, transfers technology through licensing of University intellectual property.

Check out these links to find technologies currently available for licensing categorized according to the Clemson Department of Bioengineering research areas:

To see technologies available for licensing from other departments across the Clemson University research community visit:

Companies that have licensed Clemson biomedical technologies:

**Clemson Startup Companies

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