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Graduate Resources and Finance


Graduate assistantships within the School of Computing are highly competitive. All applicants are evaluated for available positions as teaching assistants; there is no need for a separate assistantship application.

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis to qualified students, both domestic and international. All qualified students are considered for assistantships when applications are processed. Award decisions are based on academic records, test scores, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, and availability of funds.

Individual faculty members with grant funding evaluate students for research assistants. Outstanding applicants are referred to relevant faculty advisors based on the areas of interest identified in the applicant's personal statement (statement of purpose) in the online application.

Digital Production Arts M.S. and MFA Programs: DPA MFA and M.S. graduate students may pursue hourly-based employment from on-campus units. However, all assistantships for the DPA MFA and M.S. students must be approved through the DPA Director prior to accepting employment.

Financial Assistance

Graduate students are eligible for financial support if they are (1) enrolled in full-time graduate studies, (2) in good academic standing (i.e., not on probation), and (3) making satisfactory progress toward their degree. Tuition and fees for students receiving support are reduced to a flat fee. To receive the reduced tuition and fees for a particular semester, a qualified student must be on the department payroll by the end of the second week of that semester. 

The Clemson University Office of Student Financial Aid has all the resources needed for securing financial aid. Please visit the Financial Aid website for more information.

Graduate Resources

List of Documents Needed to Meet University Assessment Requirements

  1. Portfolio review evaluation form
    • For internal use/assessment only, not shared with the student
    • To be completed by Ph.D. Program Coordinator based on portfolio review committee comments
  2. Student Feedback/Data Collection Form
    • To be completed by the student and brought to the defense
    • Advisor responsible for giving it to HCC Ph.D. Coordinator
  3. Proposal and Defense Evaluation Form
    • For internal assessment only
    • To be completed by the student’s committee)
    • Return to Dee Brown
  4. Defense Results Form
    • To be completed by the graduate committee after the proposal defense
    • Advisor returns a copy to Ph.D. Program Coordinator
  5. 5. Student Publications
    • Data already gathered via annual Ph.D. student review


GS2 Information and Procedures

The GS2 is the Committee Selection and Plan of Study form required by The Graduate School for all graduate students and must be done electronically through iROAR. When filling out the form, it is very important that the entire course name be typed out. View a complete list of graduate courses in the School of Computing.

The GS2 should be filled out and submitted during the second semester of your course of study (master's degree) or during your second year of study (Doctoral degree). It is a map of your course of study and ensures you receive appropriate and timely academic advising. If your plan of study changes between when you file an original GS2 and the current deadline date, you must file an amended GS2.

If you are an M.S. non-thesis student, please see the SoC Graduate Handbook for a list of committee members.