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Freeman Endowment

Clemson University Foundation - Edwin J. Freeman Student Development Fund

Established by Edwin J. Freeman, this endowment supports a variety of student awards administered by the Department of Industrial Engineering.  These annual awards include the Academic Achievement Awards and the Kimbler Undergraduate Research Award.

Academic Achievement Awards

These awards recognize superior academic performance based upon grade point average.  The Sophomore and Junior Awards recognize individuals with the highest grade point average in their class.  The Senior Award recognizes the outstanding individual with a grade point average greater than 3.5 and other outstanding achievements.

Award Recipients -  Academic Achievement
Year Sophomore Junior Senior
2022 Hayley Lightsey Owen Daugherty Reed Howell
2021 Katelyn Eppinger Lauren Willoughby Jack Guyer
2020 Sara Baldwin Kasey Lenarz & Jack Guyer Whit Fanning & Marisa Shehan
2019 Liliana Martinez Ramirez Amanda Rickert Gabriella Gaudagnino
2018 Marisa Shehan Gabriella Guadagnino Jacob Prince
2017 Emily Huffer Jake Flynn Ashley Bryson
2016 Bryce Safrit Ashley Bryson Shannon Kay
2015 Ashley Bryson Shannon Kay Clara Waddell
2014 Laura M. Jameson Clara D. Waddell Jacey R. Gombert
2013 Nora E. Harris Lauren P. DeZervos Kyle H. Lassiter
2012 Kylie M. Gomes Jacey R. Gombert Lauren M. Kaszak
2011 Jacey R. Gombert Brian E. Jones Nathaniel A. Curd
2010 Lauren M. Kaszak Brian E. Jones Whitney R. Darby
2009 Brian E. Jones
Nathaniel A. Curd
Brian E. Jones Nathaniel A. Curd
2008 Jessica L. Shaffer Rahul C. Karanth
Joshua P. Neal
Whitney R. Darby
Anna Sparks


Apply for Awards

Students wishing to be considered for the awards should submit an application form at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.  Updates may be submitted at any time.  Students who graduate in December must submit their application before leaving campus to be considered for applicable awards in the spring semester.

Bowen Award

Award winners are selected on the basis of information submitted by applicants using the Awards Application Form.

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