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Dr. Sudeep Hegde

hegde.jpg Assistant Professor  

Department of Industrial Engineering
272 Freeman Hall, Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0920

Phone: (864) 656-0111

Department Research Thrust Pages:


Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Buffalo, 2015
M.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo, 2010
B.S./M.S. Industrial Engineering and Management, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India, 2007

Research Areas

Human factors engineering with applications in healthcare
Resilience engineering

Selected Publications

Hegde, S., Hettinger, A. Z., Fairbanks, R. J., Wreathall, J., Krevat, S. A., & Bisantz, A. M. (2020). Knowledge Elicitation to Understand Resilience: A Method and Findings From a Health Care Case Study. Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 14(1), 75–95.

Hegde, S., Hettinger, A.Z., Fairbanks, R.J., Wreathall, J., Krevat, S.A., Jackson, C.D. & Bisantz, A.M. (2020). Qualitative Findings from a Pilot Stage Implementation of a Novel Organizational Learning Tool Toward Operationalizing the Safety-II Paradigm in Health Care. Applied Ergonomics, 82. Advance online publication.

Wang, X., Kim, T.C., Hegde, S., Hoffman, D.J., Benda, N.C., Franklin, E.S., Lavergne, D., Perry, S.J., Fairbanks, R.J., Hettinger, A.Z., Roth, E.M., Bisantz, A.M. (2019). Design and Evaluation of an Integrated, Patient-focused Electronic Health Record Display for Emergency Medicine. Applied Clinical Informatics, 10(04), 693-706.

Hegde, S., Gromski, M. A., Halic, T., Turkseven, M., Xia, Z., Cetinsaya, B., Sawhney, M.S., Jones, D.B., De, S., Jackson, C.D. (Online First). Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection: A Cognitive Task Analysis Framework Toward Training Design. Surgical Endoscopy, 34(2), 728-741. DOI 10.1007/s00464-019-06822-x.

Clark, L.N., Benda, N.C., Hegde, S., McGeorge, N.M., Guarrera-Schick, T.K., Hettinger, A.Z., LaVergne, D.T., Perry, S.J., Wears, R.L., Fairbanks, R.J., Bisantz, A.M. (2017) Usability evaluation of an emergency department information system prototype designed using cognitive systems engineering techniques. Applied Ergonomics, 60, 356-365.

McGeorge, N.M., Hegde, S., Berg, R.L., Guarrera-Schick, T.K., LaVergne, D.T., Casucci, S.N., Hettinger, A.Z., Clark, L.N., Lin, L., Fairbanks, R.J., Benda, N.C., Sun, L., Wears, R.L., Perry, S.J., Bisantz, A.M. (2015). Assessment of Innovative Emergency Department Information Displays in a Clinical Simulation Center. Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 9(4), 329-346.

Courses Taught

IE 2100: Design and Analysis of Work Systems;

Professional Affiliations

Member, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES)
Member, Resilience Engineering Association (REA)