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Dr. Ardalan Vahidi


Office: 203 Fluor Daniel Building
Phone: (864) 656-4718
Fax: (864) 656-4435

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Ardalan Vahidi joined the Department in 2005 after the completion of his Ph.D. at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering from Sharif University in 1996 and 1998 respectively and the M.S. degree in Transportation Safety from the George Washington University in 2001. 


PhD University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2005
MSc George Washington University, Washington, 2001
MSc Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, 1998
BSc Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, 1996 

Research Interests

  • Optimal Control and Estimation
  • Energy Efficient Mobility
  • Connected and Automated Vehicles, Electrified Transportation
  • Human Bioenergetics During Exercise

Selected Publications

Google Scholar Link:

 For full list see

 Antonio Sciarretta and Ardalan Vahidi, Energy Efficient Driving of Road Vehicles: Towards Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility, First Edition, Springer, 2019.

 Tyler Ard, Longxiang Guo, Austin Dollar, Alireza Fayazi, Nathan Goulet, Yunyi Jia, Beshah Ayalew, and Ardalan Vahidi . “Energy and Flow Effects of Optimal Automated Driving in Mixed Traffic: Vehicle-in-the-Loop Experimental Results,” Transportation Research Part C130, 2021.

 Faraz Ashtiani, Vijay Sreedhara,  Ardalan Vahidi, Randolph Hutchison, and Gregory Mocko, “Optimal Pacing of a Cyclist in a Time Trial Based on Individualized Models of Fatigue and Recovery,” online, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology31, 317-332, 2023.

 Austin Dollar and Ardalan Vahidi, “Multilane Automated Driving with Optimal Control and Mixed-Integer Programming,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 29, 2561-2574, 2021.

 Alireza Fayazi, Ardalan Vahidi, and Andre Luckow, “A Vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) Verification of an all-Autonomous Intersection Control Scheme,” Transportation Research Part C, 107, 193-210, 2019.

 Jihun Han, Ardalan Vahidi and Antonio Sciarretta, “Fundamentals of Energy Efficient Driving for Combustion Engine and Electric Vehicles: An Optimal Control Perspective,” Automatica,  103, 558-572, 2019.

 Ardalan Vahidi and Antonio Sciarretta, “Energy Saving Potentials of Connected and Automated Vehicles,” Transportation Research Part C95, 822-843, 2018.

 Nianfeng Wan, Ardalan Vahidi, and Andre Luckow, “Optimal Speed Advisory For Connected Vehicles in Arterial Roads and The Impact on Mixed Traffic,” Transportation Research Part C69, 548–563, 2016.

Ardalan Vahidi