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Dr. Zhaoxu Meng

Assistant Professor

Office:  208 Fluor Daniel Building
Phone: (864) 656-7170
Fax: (864) 656-4435

Zhaoxu Meng joined the Department in 2019 following appointments as a CHiMaD (Center for Hierarchical Materials Design) Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University. His research aims to advance the design and development of high-performance materials in different engineering disciplines by drawing inspirations from nature. The main focus of the work is establishing computational models at multiple length and time scales with emphasis on advanced manufacturing processes/materials.


Dr. Meng's Website


PhD (2018), Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA
BS (2013), Engineering Mechanics, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Research interests

Bioinspired structural materials and interfaces, multiscale modeling, mechanics of nanocomposites and composites

Selected Publications

  1. T. Li, Z. Meng*, S. Keten*, Interfacial Mechanics and Viscoelastic Properties of Patchy Graphene Oxide Reinforced Nanocomposites, Carbon, in press.
  2. Q. Sun#, G. Zhou#, Z. Meng#, H. Guo, Z. Chen, H. Liu, H. Kang, S. Keten, X. Su, Failure Criteria of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Informed by a Computational Micromechanics Model, Composites Science and Technology 2019, 172, 81-95.
  3. Z. Meng, S. Keten, Unraveling the Effect of Material Properties and Geometrical Factors on Ballistic Penetration Energy of Nanoscale Thin Films, Journal of Applied Mechanics 2018, 85(12), 121004.
  4. Z. Meng, J. Han, X. Qin, Y. Zhang, O. Balogun, S. Keten, Spalling-like Failure by Cylindrical Projectiles Deteriorates the Ballistic Performance of Multi-layer Graphene Plates, Carbon 2018, 126, 611-619.
  5. Z. Meng, A. Singh, X. Qin, S. Keten, Reduced Ballistic Limit Velocity of Graphene Membranes due to Cone Wave Reflection, Extreme Mechanics Letters 2017, 15, 70-77.
  6. Z. Meng, R. A. Soler-Crespo, W. Xia, W. Gao, L. Ruiz, H. D. Espinosa, Sinan Keten, A Coarse-Grained Model for the Mechanical Behavior of Graphene Oxide, Carbon 2017, 117, 476-487.
  7. Z. Meng, M. A. Bessa, W. Xia, W. K. Liu, S. Keten, Predicting the Macroscopic Fracture Energy of Epoxy Resins from Atomistic Molecular Simulations, Macromolecules 2016, 49(24), 9474-9483.
  8. X. Wei#, Z. Meng#, L. Ruiz, W. Xia, C. Lee, J. W. Kysar, J. C. Hone, S. Keten, H. D. Espinosa, Recoverable Slippage Mechanism in Multilayer Graphene Leads to Repeatable Energy Dissipation, ACS nano 2016, 10(2), 1820-1828.
    (* corresponding author, # equal contribution)
Zhaoxu Meng