Cornerstone Partners

Clemson’s Cornerstone Partners are a special group of bold and visionary donors who have given transformational gifts of $2.5 million or more to move Clemson forward. Their leadership lays a foundation for Clemson’s next stage of growth.

Athletic Cornerstone Partners

Jimmy and Candace Brown
Bill and Lynne Burton
Dan, Rhonda and Ross Cathy
Dan and Nancy Garrison
Gerald and Candi Glenn
Jon and Ashley Glover
Bill and Pam Hendrix
Greg and Ansley Masters
Nicky McCarter
Stuart and Leigh Anne McWhorter
Lewis and Ree Miller
Michael and Robyn Nieri
Mitch and Carla Norville
Brian and Jeanne Penner
Betty Poe
Bart and Marian Proctor
Andrew and Julie Smart
Brook and Pam Smith
Joe and Bobbi Swann
Melvin and Dollie Younts

Academic Cornerstone Partners

Tom and Karen Chapman
Joe and Gretchen Erwin
Dan and Nancy Garrison
Bill Hendrix Family
Michael and Robyn Nieri
Mitch and Carla Norville
Bill and Laura Pelham
Ben and Cheri Phyfer
Wilbur O. and Ann Powers
Don and Hayden Quattlebaum
Micky and Amy Scott
Brook and Pam Smith