Mission Statement

ACREC seeks to advance the science and technology of animal co-products and the rendering process.  In addition, the Center works to ensure microbial safety of rendered products for animal feeds and consumer protection, promotes environmentally sound practices, develops new market opportunities for the worldwide rendering industry and provides educational opportunities in animal co-product utilization.

The mission of the Center is compatible with the educational mission of the University and with the intent and purposes of its members to foster and support research, education and public service in matters related to the rendering industry.

The Center will:

  • Support the educational process by educating undergraduate and graduate students and industrial interns, where appropriate, in research and service activities.

  • Will provide timely research services and research results that shall have a significant impact on the operations of its members and allied animal industries.

  • Be managed by the Governing Board in compliance with University regulations and defined within the By-Laws.

  • Be proactive in providing timely information to members.

  • Aggressively seek external funding from federal, state and local sources.

  • Follow University, State of South Carolina, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

  • Establish global recognition as an institution of excellence.

  • Be an institution with a perspective of emerging and traditional issues within the rendering industry.

  • Serve as a technical resource and scientific advisor.