Sustainable Landscape Demonstration

The Sustainable Landscape Demonstration Garden, located in the McGinty Mall or Agriculture Quad, is the result of a campus-wide collaborative effort that brought together multiple departments within the School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences (SAFES), university landscape services,campus planning, extension, and the SC Botanical Garden. This project was funded by a one-time grant from Public Service and is an example of the creativity and teamwork happening in SAFES and across campus.

Sustainable Landscape Demonstration, about the garden   Sustainable Landscape Demonstration, about the designs   Sustainable Landscape Demonstration, about the planning team   Sustainable Landscape Demonstration, about the plants 

We hope the Sustainable Landscape Demonstration Garden will serve as a model for urban organizers and extension agents and that it will become a gathering place and a place of repose for people from across the Clemson University campus.