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Outlook 2007 Configuration Instructions for Connecting to mail.clemson.edu
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Setting up Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Clemson Email The following steps will walk you through configuring Outlook 2007 to check your Clemson Email account mail.clemson.edu. If this is the first time you are opening Microsoft Outlook 2007, the setup wizard should launch automatically. If this is the case, skip to step 2. Otherwise, from the Outlook home screen select andldquoToolsandrdquo from the menu bar and click on andldquoAccount Settingsandrdquo. Select andldquoNewandrdquo in the andldquoAccount Settingsandrdquo box that will appear. On the next screen, put a check in the box for andldquoManually configure server settings or additional server typesandrdquo and select andldquoNextandrdquo. Next, select the option for andldquoInternet Emailandrdquo and select andldquoNextandrdquo. Under andldquoUser Informationandrdquo put in your full name and your full Clemson email address including the clemson.edu. For andldquoServer Informationandrdquo leave the Account Type as andldquoPOP3andrdquo and for BOTH the incoming and outgoing mail server type in andldquomail.clemson.eduandrdquo. Finally, under andldquoLogon Informationandrdquo put in your Clemson University userID without the clemson.edu and password. Leave andldquoRequire logon using Secure Password Authentication SPAandrdquo unchecked. Click on andldquoMore Settingsandrdquo. In the andldquoInternet EMail Settingsandrdquo box, select the andldquoOutgoing Serverandrdquo tab. Put a check in the box stating andldquoMy outgoing server SMTP requires authenticationandrdquo. Select the andldquoAdvancedandrdquo tab. Under Incoming Server put a check in the box stating andldquoThis server requires an encrypted connection SSLandrdquo. Make sure the Incoming Server POP3 port number changes to 995. If it does not, manually type in 995. Next, under Outgoing Server, change the drop down for andldquoUse the following type of encrypted connectionandrdquo to andldquoSSLandrdquo. Finally, change the Outgoing Server SMTP port number to 465. Click andldquoOKandrdquo in the Internet EMail Settings box and then click on andldquoTest Account Settingsandrdquo. Outlook will test all of your settings and you will get a message saying testing was complete.