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NEW! Meet Kaltura, the New Ensemble!
See "Additional Information" to learn why we're switching.

What Is Kaltura Video?

Categories: Instructional Video, Authoring

Kaltura is Clemson's NEW enterprise video hosting solution (i.e. Clemson's YouTube or the new Ensemble). Available in Canvas and as a standalone tool, Kaltura is a video content management system that allows Clemson users to create or upload video files on the web and easily share them with others. Kaltura supports multiple media formats (i.e. mp4, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc.) and provides flexible video content authoring, publishing, and sharing. 

Faculty and Student Main Login (Canvas > My Kaltura) Kaltura MediaSpace Login Download Kaltura Capture Recorder

Migration Timeline

All active Ensemble videos have been migrated to Kaltura. After fall finals, migrated Ensemble videos in Canvas will begin to be replaced with the Kaltura ones. For additional information about the future sunsetting of Ensemble, please see the Ensemble page.

Training Opportunities

Clemson Online Staff will be available to answer question for 30 minutes after each of the Basics and Advanced session.

Tool Guides


Additional Information

  • Ensemble is going away? Why?

    Yes. Panopto acquired Ensemble in 2021 and decided they would not continue to support Ensemble. With this news, Clemson Online and CCIT completed a procurement process in which several vendors submitted proposals explaining how their solution would make for an excellent replacement. At the end of this process, Kaltura was chosen.

    Kaltura offers several features that Ensemble did not have, including advanced video editing, multi-stream playback (i.e. audiences can choose whether the PowerPoint or the speaker should occupy the largest part of their screen at any moment), built-in recording capabilities, video library organization, and smarter search features. We are excited to see how these new features will enhance the learning experience.

    Ensemble videos will be available at Clemson through Fall 2022. However, after August 4th, 2022, it will not be possible to upload videos to Ensemble.

  • [Updated] What will happen to my Ensemble videos? Should I copy them to Kaltura?

    Active Ensemble videos have already been migrated to Kaltura. If you find that a video has not been migrated, you will need to manually upload the video into Kaltura

  • [Updated] Will I need to relink and/or re-embed my videos?

    The migrated Ensemble videos linked or embedded in Canvas are set to be automatically relinked and re-embedded in December 2022.

    Ensemble videos linked or embedded outside of Canvas and videos uploaded to Ensemble before 2020 will need to be manually relinked or re-embedded.

  • [Updated] What was included in the migration? Playlists? Captions? etc.

    The following were copied into Kaltura during the migration:

    • Video
    • Video Title and Description
    • Captions (in most cases)
    • Tags (though they will need editing)

    The following were excluded from the Kaltura migration and will require manual transfer after the migration:

    • Playlists
    • Quizzes
    • Annotations/Chapters/Bookmarks

    Please do not try to manually migrate videos into Kaltura as it will create duplicates.

  • My video says, "Error processing your media" when I try to play it. What do I do?

    At this point, all videos with this error that were migrated from Ensemble should be fixed. If you still see this error email IThelp@clemson.edu.

  • Can I link my YouTube videos to Kaltura?

    Yes. Kaltura makes it possible to import videos that have the “Public” privacy setting from YouTube into Kaltura. Doing so allows you to take advantage of Kaltura’s extra features (like quizzing), gives viewers a consistent viewing experience, and gives video creators the ability to engage viewers from YouTube and Clemson platforms.

    Important! Clemson’s tech support is prepared to provide technical support for Kaltura but is not able to provide the same level of support for YouTube. As such, it is strongly recommended that videos be uploaded to Kaltura instead of YouTube, when possible.

    Caution: For copyright reasons, it is strongly recommended that you only import videos that you own. If you import videos you do not own, be sure to include a proper citation in the video description once the video has been imported into Kaltura.

    For the process, see the guide linked in the Tool Guides section. See Directions for Moving from YouTube.

  • Who can use Kaltura?

    Starting in Summer 2022, Kaltura will be available to all Clemson users at no extra cost. Students will also be able to use Kaltura to turn in video assignments and complete video quizzes at no extra cost.

  • How can employees get personalized training on Kaltura?

    Personalized training is currently unavailable, but will be added to Clemson Online's Booking offering which is linked to Clemson Online's Events page. Additional training opportunities will also appear in both places.

    Clemson Online offers an Instructor-led training option for employees. Visit the Clemson Online Events page and schedule a Clemson Online Booking. You may have to click the "Show More Services" button to find this session topic.

  • How do I make my 360 videos play correctly?

    If your video was recorded with a 360 camera and uploaded to Kaltura, you will need to add "360" (without quotation marks) tag to the video. To do this, navigate to the video, open the "Actions" menu, select "Edit," scroll down to the "Tags" field, add the tag, and then click "Save."

    Important! Audience members that cannot use a mouse to navigate the digital world cannot use keyboard commands to change the camera view. Using the VR feature and asking for assistance are the best alternate access plans we can recommend at this time.

Tools Comparison

At a Glance Tool Comparison
Name Kaltura YouTube Vimeo
Tool Icon Kaltura Video YouTube Vimeo
Extra Cost None None Optional
University Tech Support Yes No No
Uses Clemson Login Yes No No
Canvas Integration Yes Yes No
Accessibility Good* Good* Good*

*Rankings marked with asterisks are based on the tool's general reputation in the accessibility community or VPAT review and not on testing that Clemson has completed.

+Rankings marked with a plus are based on completed testing.