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Quality Matters at Clemson

QM Course Reviews Available for all Online and Hybrid Courses

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization “specializing in standards, processes and professional development for quality assurance in online and blended learning.” In short: they create standards, based on research, for measuring the effectiveness of online course design.

A QM course review is a peer-driven, comprehensive examination of an online or hybrid course, using the QM Rubric. The review does NOT analyze the course content. In other words, reviewers will not be looking at an instructor's personal pedagogy or judging whether they are a “good” teacher. The review focuses strictly on the design of the course, with particular emphasis on alignment among your course outcomes, assessments, tools, etc.

Clemson Online conducts two types of reviews:

  • Internal - courses are reviewed by trained Clemson Online QM peer reviewers and can earn the "QM Essentials" certification and badge.
  • Official - this is the external QM quality course certification process, and the courses are reviewed by a team that will include one reviewer external to Clemson. 

For each type of review, the review team will examine your course from a learner perspective, and offer suggestions for improving the design of your course. Still unsure if a review is right for you? Read on:

  • The QM review rubric contains eight General Standards that assess quality in every aspect of an online course: learning outcomes, alignment among course and unit components, accessibility, assessments, and more. The rubric is backed by research and can apply to both fully online and blended/hybrid course modalities.
  • Many principles of quality online teaching are also directly transferable to face to face courses, so QM reviews can have positive impacts beyond the reviewed course.
  • You can read more at the QM website: "Why Quality Matters."

If you're an instructor or program chair and want to get started, email Sharyn Emery.


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