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For-Credit Online Development

Clemson Online offers course and program development services for instructors and staff who are interested in creating unique, rigorous online courses for students enrolled at Clemson. Read more to see what our team of Digital Learning Strategists can do to help you build quality online courses and programs.

Ready to develop your online course?

Online Development Services

  • Personalized support and consultations with Digital Learning Strategists who have extensive experience teaching online and face-to-face (F2F). 
  • Teaching with Canvas support: if you are using Canvas in your F2F course, we can help you build effective assessments and resources that enhance what you’re doing in the classroom. 
  • Accessibility support for Canvas and digital learning materials 
  • Quality Matters course reviews and workshops 
  • Videography services to capture lectures, lab demonstrations, or other course content.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in developing an online course or program, please email Lori Kinley at

Course Development Resources

Quality Matters

A Quality Matters course review is a collaborative, comprehensive examination of an online or blended course by a team of trained, certified peer reviewers, all of whom have online teaching experience.


The Clemson Online Furthering Faculty Education and E-Learning, or COFFEE, prepares instructors for teaching online.

Video Services

Visit our video services page for an in-depth look at various video production services, including Lightboard recordings, onsite video work, editing, and more.

Canvas Instructor Resources

View the available Canvas resources and tools for instructors from Clemson Online.

Several members of Clemson Online’s For-Credit Staff meeting in a conference room and on Zoom.

What Clemson Instructors are Saying About Quality Matters and Clemson Online

“I am pleasantly surprised by the expectation that reviewers are asked to be specific, thoughtful, and balanced in their reviews.”

“I learned about how to inspect the accessibility of my LMS pages, and how to use the hierarchy of the headings to make my course more accessible to all kinds of learners.”

“I realized that changing a course for the better is certainly feasible and can happen over a series of ‘manageable’ and ‘traceable’ steps.”

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