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Instructor Resources

Canvas Resources for Instructors


Canvas Quick Guide

Don't have a lot of time? Get some Canvas Basics with this guide.

Semester Checklist

The following checklist will help you prepare your Canvas course for the semester.

Merging Courses

Use the Cross-listing app to combine your course sections.


To ensure that all students are able to access your content and participate in class, you need to make sure it is accessible. Learn how here.

Canvas Storage

Out of space? Check out our cloud storage options and tips.

Request a Sandbox

Get a course to begin building or just test out Canvas.

Widely Used Integrations

Canvas can be configured with multiple third-party web services. Learn about them here.

Textbook Integrations

Textbook integrations provide a single sign-on for instructors and students to access textbook assignments, assessments, or other digital resources.

Additional Canvas Trainings

View our support and training guides.

Faculty Resource Center

Enroll and explore our resources in the Faculty Resource Center.

Notifications in Canvas

Learn how to streamline communication in Canvas.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Visit our Instructure Guides or book an appointment with a Canvas Specialist.

For information on Canvas feature enhancements, visit Canvas Release Notes. To subscribe to Canvas release notes notifications, sign into Clemson Canvas, go to Canvas Community and sign in using the Clemson Canvas option, go to the first link, click the three dots in upper right, and select subscribe.