Cloud Storage

What Is "Cloud Storage" and Why Use It?

"Cloud Storage" refers to storing your content online. When it is stored online, you can access it from nearly any device at any time. Keeping files online can be particularly handy when your primary device crashes or when you want to refer to a file in a meeting and didn't bring your device.

Which "Cloud(s)" Should I Be Using?

Clemson has a handful of cloud storage options available. Below are the recommended uses for these solutions as of 2021.

For Videos:

Kaltura Video

Kaltura is essentially Clemson University's YouTube but without ads and viewing limitation (i.e. it isn't blocked in other countries). With it, Clemson employees and students can store, share, and publish media files. Kaltura videos can easily be embedded in Canvas from the "App" (power plug) button in Canvas' editor.

Important for Video Storage!

If you prefer to use YouTube, we recommend taking advantage of Kaltura's YouTube integration so that CCIT and Clemson Online tech support is still available for your videos.

For Files:

OneDrive By Microsoft and Clemson Box

OneDrive and Clemson Box allows anyone at Clemson to create and store Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. PDF, .zip, and other files can also be stored in OneDrive and Box. Once in created or uploaded, these files can be shared with others, added to Canvas courses, and posted on websites.

Important for File Storage 1!

For sensitive and/or protected data, please review and use the resources available on Clemson's Information Security Procedures, Standards, and Forms page.

Important for File Storage 2!

While Clemson does provide Google Drive storage, its storage capacity is expected to decrease soon, making it a less ideal option for file storage.

For Collaborations:

OneDrive and Google Drive

OneDrive and Google Drive are great tools for collaborating. With each, it is possible for multiple collaborators to simultaneously contribute to the development of documents, presentation slides, and spreadsheets. In Canvas, the Collaborations feature is an easy way to get started on such collaborations. For collaborations involving other file types, these cloud storage options make it possible to share files and track changes within each version of a file.

Important for Collaborations!

  • OneDrive is the recommended collaboration tool.
  • The storage capacity for Google Drive is expected to decrease soon, so it is recommended that you limit your use of it.
  • Video files should not be stored in Google Drive.

What About SharePoint?

SharePoint is another storage options for collaborations and is closely linked with Microsoft Teams.

More Info

For even more information about storage options, see CCIT's File Storage Options page.