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Video Production Services

Clemson Online's video production team can help in all aspects of instructional video production, including consultation and training, editing, and production technologies. Our video services can help instructors design, plan, and produce engaging instructional videos that follow best practices for online, blended, flipped, and face-to-face learning.

Videographer positioning camera outside of a garage door with construction materials nearby.

Mobile Recordings

Clemson Online's video team can travel statewide to assist with onsite video production services. Our mobile video production services include lecture recordings, interviews, class demonstrations in the classroom or the field, and live streaming of lectures or events on Zoom.

Post-production services, including editing, audio, and lighting, are provided. Finalized videos will be uploaded to Kaltura for video storage and captioning.

Aerial Media Services

Clemson Online also provides professional, FAA-licensed drone video and photography services to capture high-quality aerial footage. Drone services can be included with onsite mobile video services.

Photo taken with a drone of Tillman Hall clock tower, several nearby buildings, and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Contact us

Contact Clemson Online to check availability, schedule, or get an estimate for video production services.

Pricing Guide

For those working on a non-credit or Cooperative Extension course, please see the pricing guide.

Online Development

Interested in building an online course around your video content?