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Internally Certified Courses at Clemson

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These are courses which have met all requirements for an internal review, focusing on the the essential standards in the QM Rubric. We congratulate each instructor for their achievement! An internal review is the first step toward earning the nationally recognized QM certification. A badge is awarded upon achieving a rating of "Met" for the course review. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have also earned the official QM certification.

List of Courses

Course Instructor Notes
ENGL 3140: Technical Writing Katalin Beck
GC 1020: Introduction to Digital Graphics Amanda Bridges
ENGL 3040: Business Writing Will Cunningham
Clemson Extension: School Gardening; Clemson Extension: Bee a Friend to Pollinators* Amy Dabbs CPE
CE 4470: Stormwater Management Farhang Forghanparast
EDIS 9300: Rural Education Phillip Grant
WFB 4200/6200: Environmental Education; FNR 8080: Graduate Seminar*; ENR 6130/6131: Restoration Ecology* Thea Hagan
FOR 6340: Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resources Lillie Langlois
MGT 2010: Principles of Management* Liz Laxton
MATH 1010: Essential Mathematics for the Informed Society Chad Mangum
ENGL 2130: British Literature*; ENGL 1030: Composition and Rhetoric* Chelsea McKelvey
ENGL 3040: Business Writing Seth McKelvey
ENGR 2080: Engineering Graphics and Machine Design John Minor
ED 8030: Methods of Teaching at the Middle and Secondary Levels Anna Morrison
ENGL 1030: Composition and Rhetoric Molly Nestor
MATH 2070: Business Calculus II Jennifer Newton
WFB 8510: Advanced Conservation Biology; WFB 8530: Global Change Ecology Lydia O'Halloran
PHYS 2070: General Physics* Amy Pope
PHYS 2000: Physics for Everyone* Pooja Puneet
NURS 3230: Gerontological Nursing Zahra Rahemi
ENGL 3150: Scientific Writing (Nursing) Phil Randall
BIO 2000: Biology in the News Nathan Redding
MGT 3100: Intermediate Business Statistics Blake Snider
ENGR 1020: Engineering Disciplines and Skills Beth Stephan
MGT 2180: Management Personal Computer Applications* Ryan Toole
BIOL 8440: Understanding the Human Body Lisa Wagner
Advanced Management Leadership Program* Craig Wallace CPE
FOR 8930/31: Applied Wildlife Habitat Management Greg Yarrow