Clemson Online Accessibility

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Clemson Online is fully committed to making Clemson University's online, hybrid, and blended courses accessible for all students. We understand how important it is to ensure that students with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, cognitive, and linguistic abilities have the opportunity to fully participate in courses and earn an education. To this end, Clemson Online seeks compliance with Federal laws and University policies (Link opens in new tab.) by providing design supports and by collaborating with other campus stakeholders to improve the accessibility of Clemson's digital campus. 

Design Supports

Clemson Online has developed the following guides and services to help faculty meet WCAG 2.0 A and AA digital accessibility design standards when designing their courses.

Do It Yourself Digital Accessibility Guides

Clemson Online has built some accessibility guides to use when developing digital content and courses. These guides were built in Canvas. If you are new to using Canvas, you may want to check out Clemson's Accessibility Assistance page (Link opens in new tab.) before exploring these guides.

Refer to the following for Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and PDFs!

One-Page Accessibility Starter Guides

If exploring an entire guide sounds daunting, get started with these one-page overviews of how to add the most impactful accessibility features to your content.

Clemson Online Services

Clemson Online provides following services to help address your accessibility needs.

  • Media Accessibility Service

    Through this service, media in online, hybrid, and blended courses may be eligible for free transcripts, captions, audio descriptions, and subtitles through Clemson Online. Ineligible media and media not in online, hybrid, and blended courses may still get transcripts, captions, audio descriptions, and subtitles through Clemson Online but for a cost. See the Media Accessibility Services page for more information.

Clemson Online Collaborative Work

Clemson Online collaborates with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) (Link opens in new tab.), the Office of Access and Equity (Link opens in new tab.), the Accessibility Commission, and other stakeholders to improve digital accessibility in general. Below are a few results of that collaboration.