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Install and Use WebDrive to access your U: Drive
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This guide will help you set up WebDrive so that you can access your U: drive space, for a more generalized guide that can help you ftp todifferent servers go to Installing Web Drive. WebDrive is a program that can be used to access your server space U: drive and is especially useful for those that are unable to install the Novell network client. Instructions to install WebDrive Go to download.clemson.edu and click WebDrive When prompted, log in with your Clemson user name and password. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and highlight the WebDrive 8.x Registration Code. Right click and copy to the Windows clipboard. Click on WebDrive link at the bottom of the page and select Run. Click Run. Click Install. It will put three things on your Desktop or whatever location you selected: wd824nt.exe webdriveclemson.reg MyCLEDrive.exe Double click on we824nt.exe Click Next. Click I accept the terms. Click Next. Click Next. Click Install. Click Finish. Double click webdriveclemson.reg. Click Yes. Click OK. Click on Start All Programs WebDrive WebDrive Click Activate License Paste the registration code in. Click Next. Click Activate. Click OK. Click Finish. To go to your U: drive, select FTPUDrive and select an unused Drive letter if you donand39t want to use U:. Uncheck Anonymous Public Logon and Save Password Put in your user name in full context mode: Example: .lauries.l.students.clemsonu Click Connect. Put in your password A window should open with your U: drive. Now you may delete the three files that you put on your Desktop or wherever you put them