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HOW TO: My Windows computer has a Virus, What do I do?
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First, Donand39t Panic Just follow the steps provided below and you should be able to clean the machine of the virus. Check for AntiVirus Protection Do you have Trend Micro installed Its icon looks like a blue circle and will say OfficeScan when you put your mouse on it. It will appear in the system tray in the bottom right next to the clock. You may have to click the white arrow to show more icons. If it is not installed, it can be downloaded from download.clemson.edu Update Trend Micro Virus Definitions Right click on the Trend Micro icon in the system tray and choose Update Now When the window reports that updates are finished, you can click Close Scan your Computer for a Virus in Safe Mode At this point you should reboot your system into safe mode. This is recommended because if you have a virus that is scanning for other vulnerable systems while booted into Windows normally, you will get blocked from accessing the network. Restart system and hit F8 before Windows starts to boot Choose Safe Mode Right click on the Trend Micro icon in the task tray and choose OfficeScan Console Check the box next to Computer Click on Scan The program will notify you when the scan is complete and if any threats were detected Reboot the System After scanning is complete and Trend Micro has identified and removed viruses, reboot your system. If you experience the same or other odd behavior, run the Trend Micro scan again to verify the system is still clean. Get Further Help or Turned Back On If you are still not convinced that the machine is clean and/or nothing was detected or if you have been disabled because you are on the VirusList, consult the associated support: Students can contact theCCIT Support Center: Email: ithelpclemson.edu Telephone: 8646563494 You can visit the Support Center on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library. We recommend bringing something to back your data up onto just in case you need to check your laptop in. Faculty/Staff can also contact the CCIT Support Center as above, but they are recommended to contact their college consultants if available.