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HOWTO: Sending LISTSERV Commands from Outlook
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Summary: Some of the members of my list are not showing up correctly when I review the list. Solution: You are sending formatted email commands to the listserver instead of plain text. This may be from a formatted signature file, formatted message or fromcopying the addresses from formatted messages. LISTSERV, the software that we use for our email distribution lists, only understands plain text messages. Formatted messages use hidden HTML code to create the formatting. LISTSERV doesnand39t know what to do with the extra code and either rejects the message or garbles the the change. If you are using Outlook, do the following to send unformatted commands to the listserver: Click on NEW MESSAGE. Look in the tool bar MESSAGE INSERT OPTIONS FORMAT TEXT and click on OPTIONS. Midway across the Options ribbon look for the section called FORMAT and click on PLAIN TEXT. Now enter your list changes and send to LISTSERVlists.clemson.edu. KEYWORDS: OUTLOOK LISTSERV TROUBLE SHOOTING