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HOW TO: Set up or configure Email Accounts and update email forwarding settings
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The email forwarding tool can be accessed several ways on the Clemson website: Click on the direct link: http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/emailforwarding/ Login into Blackboard, http://bb.clemson.edu, and click on the MyCLEmson tab. Under the CU Applications and Web Sites module, click on Email Forwarding. Go to the CCIT website, http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/. Under Top Links, click on Email forwarding and Setup. Go to the Clemson website, http://www.clemson.edu. Click on the AZ Index. Choose E. Click on Email via Internet for Clemson Faculty/Staff/Students. Click on Email Forwarding and Setup. After you select one of the above options, once prompted, log in with your Clemson username and password. Use the email control panel to setup email forwarding. Attached to this article are screenshots of the email control panel outlining its options. Note: Students are encouraged to use the Clemson Google Apps for Education account instead of forwarding elsewhere. This will allow them to send to Clemson class and other mailing lists. Employees should consult with local computer support staff before setting up a new account. In general, employees who need access to shared resources such as calendars or rooms, will need Exchange. Instructors may decide to use the Google Apps mail account so that they can share a calendar with their students. Both are described below. 1. Exchange: On this page, Employees will see a checkbox labeled Use Exchange Server and below it one labeled Deliver email to my Exchange mailbox. The former will enable the employee exchange email account which can be accessed at xmail.clemson.edu with the employees Clemson username and password. The latter checkbox delivers email to this Exchange account, which must be checked to receive email sent to usernameclemson.edu. 2. Google Apps account: On this page, both students and employees will see two final checkboxes that say Use Google Apps for Education and Deliver email to my Google Apps for Education mailbox respectively. The former enables the Clemson Gmail account which can be accessed at g.clemson.edu with the Clemson username and Google Apps password. This account will have the email address usernameg.clemson.edu where username is the Clemson username. Once the account is enabled, a link will appear below the last checkbox to Reset my Google Apps password, in case the user needs to reset the password for this Google Apps account. Checking the last checkbox will forward any mail sent to usernameclemson.edu to usernameg.clemson.edu . 3. Manual Forwarding: At the bottom of the page, below the checkboxes, there is a space to add email addresses manually for forwarding. Any mail sent to the user at usernameclemson.edu will also forward to any email addresses in this list which can be Clemson email addresses or external email addresses.