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HOW TO: Change Displayed Name in Clemsonand#39;s Webmail
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You can customize your displayed name in Clemsonand39s web mail http://webmail.clemson.edu. This is the portion of the name displayed in the FROM: filed before your email address. This is also useful for student organizations and departments that use web mail for their email. For example, if your messages are showing up as FROM: RobertSmith but you use the name Bob, you can change the display name to show up as FROM: Bob Smith Customize Display Name in Clemsonand39s Web Mail Log into web mail http://webmail.clemson.edu with your Clemson userid and password. At the top of the web mail window is a list of menu options COMPOSE ADDRESSES FOLDERS OPTIONS .... Click on the OPTIONS link. In the OPTIONS window, in the right column, click on PERSONAL INFORMATION. In the FULL NAME: field, enter your name as you wish it to display. For example,Full Name: Clemson University Department of HerosorFull Name: Bob Smith Leave the Email Address: field blank. The system will automatically pick up the correct address. When done, click on the SUBMIT button. Toverify your display name, send a message to yourself. Your updated display name should display correctly.