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Instructions for cleaning a computer mouse.
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Computer mice using a ball and roller construction can become difficult to control precisely if the rollers become coated with grime. Note: Some mice do away with the ball and rollers and use light to sense movement. If you find it inconvenient to clean your mouse often, you might want to try one of these optical mice, as they should never require internal cleaning. The instructions below do not apply to optical mice. To clean the rollers on a ballandroller mouse, follow these directions: 1. Turn your mouse on its back. 2. Twist the mouse ball cover in the direction of the arrows and remove the cover. 3. Remove the mouse ball. There are three rollers inside. Two of them, usually long thin bars, are in a fixed position. The other is usually a springloaded, wheelshaped roller. 4. Using your fingernail, gently scrape the grime off the rollers. If you find you cannot remove it, spray some electronics cleaner in the cavity to loosen it. 5. Turn the mouse right side up and shake out the dirt over a trash can. 6. If the ball is dirty, clean it with a slightly damp lintfree cloth, then allow it to dry. 7. Replace the ball and cover. Note: You can purchase mouse cleaning kits at many computer and electronics stores.