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Client Configuration - Exchange Server for Apple Mail 4.2 (aka Mac Mail)
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Configuring Apple Mail 4.2 also known as Mac Mail to Use the Clemson Exchange Server Apple Mail Client Setup Version 4.2, included in OSX10.6 Note: The Apple Mail app included in OSX10.5 and lower is not supported, you will need to upgrade to 10.6 to use the Exchange features. Autodiscover The best way to set up Mail, iCal, and Address Book to access Exchange is with Clemsonand39s Autodiscover service. This feature is enabled on campus, you simply need to open Apple mail for first time users and input your Basic information. If you are off campus, it is recommended you VPN to campus for the initial setup. More info on VPN can be found here: http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/getconnected/vpn/ 1.Open Apple Mail from your Dock. 2.Input your Personal Information into the dialog. 3.If asked about a Clemson.edu certificate, select Connect. 4.Thatand39s it You can also select Address Book Contacts, and iCal Calendars recommended. Then Click Create. Apple Mail Manual Setup If you find that you need to do a manual setup, these steps will help. 1.With Apple mail open, select Mail then Preferences. 2.Select Exchange 2007 from the Account Type: drop down a. Enter a Description for this account b. Input xmail.clemson.edu as your incoming mail server: c. Input you User Name and Password d. Select Address book contacts and iCal Calendars if needed. recommended e. Click Continue 3.The following dialog box will be a summary of the data you entered. Review, and click Create. 4.After your mail opens, you will need to configured the preferences and input External Servers. a.Select Mail then Preferences. b.Specify xmail.clemson.edu as the External Server: on the account Information Tab. c.Select the Advanced tab, and add EWS/Exchange.asmx to the External Server Path: Note: it should look the same as the incoming information 5. Thatand39s it you have manually configured your Clemson Exchange account.