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How do I export mail from Outlook?
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Use the Import/Export Wizard to export items from Outlook. The advantage of importing and exporting data using the Import/Export Wizard is that it saves you from having to manually reenter data you need. You can export to dBase, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FoxPro, or to a Personal Folders file. 1. On the File menu, click Import and Export 2. Click Export to a File and then click Next. 3. In the list, click the file type you want to export to, and then click Next. 4. Follow the instructions in the Import and Export Wizard. Assuming the customer will be importing these into a different mail account, they will want to use a Personal Folders file .pst so they can use Outlook to import them back into the other mailbox. If you want to export to a file to use in Word or PowerPoint, choose either Tab Separated Values or Comma Separated Values. Folder design properties such as permissions, rules, description, forms, and views are not perserved when you eport to a Personal Folders file. Only the content itself is exported.