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WebDrive Setup
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This document was created to outline the steps to install WebDrive for the PC. As always, any problems, questions, or comments about this document can be sent via email to ITHELPclemson.edu. Installing WebDrive 1. Go to the Clemson download site, download.clemson.edu. On the left side, click on the Windows link. Scroll down the page, click on the WebDav Client and download WebDrive 6.01. 2. You will have to log in using your Clemson User ID and password. Save the program to your desktop or a temp folder. When prompted, open the file. 3. Perform the following: select Next Yes Next. The program will install itself onto your PC. When prompted, reboot your machine. 4. The WebDrive icon will appear in the system tray on the desktopbottom right tool bar that contains the PC clock. 5. Right click on the WebDrive icon and select Open WebDrive: See Picture of Step 5 6. In the site window that is located on the left, choose New Site. See Picture of Step 6 7. Type: UFTP as the site name 1st text box. 8. Type: ftp.netware.clemson.edu as the site address/URL 2nd text box. Click Finish. See Picture of Step 8 Server type should be FTP Drive can be set to any free drive letter on the PC example: X Uncheck Anonymous/Public Logon In Username type your full context logon: Ex. for user smith .smith.s.employee.clemsonu Do not fill in password, then click connect. 9. That completes the process to install and configure WebDrive for the PC. NOTE: If you wish to access MyCLE Collabs Classes or Workgroups from WebDrive, you will need to run the MyCLEDrive application once to access them.