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Error: I do not see students in my Blackboard course, what is happening?
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Reasons 12: 1. You have not linked your Blackboard Course with an iRoar section. Most Common 2. Your iRoar sections are linked to the wrong course. Very Common You will need to access Course Central to verify that your course is linked and that it is linked to the correctBlackboard course. Navigating to Course Central1. Two ways to access: A. Navigate to http://central.clemson.edu B. Alternatively, it can be accessed through Blackboard Learn. a. Open your web browser and navigate to Blackboard Learn http://bb.clemson.edu. b. Click the Courses tab. c. On the right side of the Courses page, click the Course Central Course Setup Tool link. d. This will open the Course Central login page in a separate tab or window.2. Enter your network Username and Password.3. Course Central will load with the Course Central page displayed.The panel on the left side of the screen is for your Available Sections. 1. If none are listed, they SHOULD be linked to a course listed in the Courses panel. 2. If several people teach the same course, make sure that your iRoar sections are not attached to the wrong Blackboard course. 3. If you do not see any Available Sections on the left side of the screen, and can not find your course with the linked sections in the Courses panel, it is possible that you were not listed as the primary instructor of record. Your departmental scheduler should be able to assist you with that process. 4. If you are listed as primary instructor and the section is not appearing under Available Sections, then notify Blackboard Support at 6563494 for further assistance. If your iRoar section is not linked, there are 2 options: Create a new Blackboard course or link to an existingBlackboard course. The following document with illustrations will assist you with creating a new Blackboard course or unlinking your iRoar section and linking it to the correct Blackboard course. http://media.clemson.edu/ccit/CRLT/media/learningtech/blackboardlearn/media/pdf/CourseCentral.pdf