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Corrupt Password Reset Procedure
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Recently, there have been issues when employees try to reset their Novell passwords. It appears that the password has become corrupted. Symptoms of password corruption: Userand39s password has expired they attempt to log into Novell Client they are prompted to change their password After reset attempt they get the following error: error 710 password could not be changed xfffffxxx where xxx are random characters. Userand39s password is about to expire they receive prompt to reset their password when accessing MyCLE or something similar they attempt to reset the password they receive message Your password has not been changed ... they are then in an endless loop of attempted password resets. Procedure for Consultants to follow: You want to make sure that the Novell Client installed on the machine is that latest version, 4.9 SP2 Patch C, which is located out on S:SoftwareInstallWINNovellclient Do NOT direct users to IUAdmin to use the self password reset utility. This will only compound the problem. If user does not remember the expired Novell password, please stop here and call the CCIT Help Desk at 6563494. o Please provide all relevant information to the help desk so they can process the request as quickly as possbible. They will need your name, consultant position, userid with problems, and a brief description of what has been done so far. If user remembers expired Novell password, direct them to http://dcit.clemson.edu and the Services Menu. Then you click the Password Reset Link. If the password is not successfully reset with password reset page, please contact the CCIT Help Desk at 6563494. Again, please provide the information listed above when calling the help desk.