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Light indicators on IBM Thinkpads
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A. Power on Circled sideways Z The computer is on and ready to use. This indicator stays lit even when the computer is in standby mode. B. Battery status looks like a battery Green: This indicator displays green when the battery is in use and the battery has enough power. It also displays green when the ac adapter has charged the battery completely. Blinking green: This indicator blinks when the battery is being charged yet still has enough power to operate. At regular intervals, the indicator light turns off briefly Orange: This indicator displays orange when the battery is being charged, but the battery power is still low. Blinking orange: This indicator blinks orange when the battery needs to be charged. When the indicator starts blinking orange, the computer beeps three times. C. Standby status crescent moon Green: The computer is in standby mode. Blinking green: The computer is entering standby or hibernation mode, or is resuming normal operation.