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ERROR: Adobe Connect Add-in Freezes during meeting
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Problem: While participating or hosting an Adobe Connect meeting a blue spinning arrow appears. In some cases it appears as if the addin or the computer has frozen. Other times an error message will appear that says the addin has crashed. When this occurs the participants may encounter the following audio issues: Audio from all or some of meeting participants is not being heard Audio becomes distorted in a meeting space Audio working for the first part of the meeting and then cutting out for the second part of the meeting Cause: This is most prevalent in the Windows 7 32bit and 64bit Operating System. This error is usually triggered when a participant has been listening in a meeting and then tries to activate their microphone. Resolution: At present this is a known issue. This is caused by a conflict between the Adobe Connect addin and inking/touchscreen technology. The drivers that we are currently aware of that cause this issue are Bamboo Wacom and SmartBoard/SmartPodium technology. Currently the only way to resolve this problem is to remove the inking/touchscreen software from the affected computer. KEY WORDS: Adobe Connect addin freeze crash audio approval solution