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Creating a Send Only Account in Outlook 2007
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This Solution Guide will guide you through the creation of a send only mail account in Outlook 2007 Windows: 1. Open Outlook and navigate to Tools Account Settings... 2. Click on the New... button to create a new account. 3. Select the radio button Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP. 4. On the next screen, make sure to check the box in front of Manually configure server settings or additional server types. 5. Select the radio button Internet Email. 6. On the next screen, fill in the address you would like to send mail from and select POP3 as the account type. Choose mail.clemson.edu as the incoming and outgoing mail server and record your userid and password. Click on the More Settings... button. 7. Under the tab Internet Email Settings, check the box My outgoing server SMTP requires authentication and select the radio button Log on using. Fill in your userid and password in the spaces provided. 8. Under the Advanced tab, make sure the Outgoing server SMTP is set at 587. Change the server timeout to 1 minute 30 seconds. 9. Click Finish to create the account. 10. Highlight the account you just created and click the Set as Default button. The new account should say send from this account by default beside it. 11. Close out the Account Settings window and go to Tools Options.... 12. Click on the Mail Setup tab and click on the Send/Receive... button. 13. Click the Edit button. 14. Highlight the account you just created and make sure the checkbox for Receive Mail Items is unchecked. 15. Click Ok and close out the windows.