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ERROR: I am on the class list, but when I log into Blackboard, I do not see my Blackboard course, what shall I do?
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In Blackboard, there are two places where you should be able to see a list of your courses:1. The Home tab in the My Courses module.2. The Courses tab in the Course List module. Both Course modules have a widget in the upper right corner of the module which will allow you to modifythe display settings of the modules. If you cannot see the courses in the course list, click on the widget toaccess the settings. Make sure the box is checked for the course ID and/or course name and click Submit.If you do not see your courses in either the Home tab My Courses module or the Courses tab Course Listmodule, then the iRoar section may not be linked to a Blackboard course. Check with your Instructor.Also: Make sure that you are using a supported browser as listed on the login page for Blackboard. If you do not see your Blackboard course in your list of My Courses and your instructor told you that the courseis linked, you will need to contact Blackboard Support at 8646563494 or email us at ithelpclemson.edu forfurther assistance.