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If I have students submit an assignment on Blackboard electronically, is it possible for me to make comments and/or mark up their work electronically and post feedback for them in Blackboard?
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You can grade and post feedback for studentand39s assignments in Blackboard. Here are the steps:1. Login to Blackboard Learn at https://bb.clemson.edu with your Clemson username and password and navigate to your course.2. In the Control Panel of the course, click on the Grade Center.3. Click on the Full Grade Center. The Grade Center page will display.4. Click the action link in the cell for the studentand39s assignment. Click on View Grade Details.5. Click on View Attempt.6. This screen is where you can grade each assignment. You can open, review, or download the studentand39s submissions as well as enter a grade in the Grade text field.7. You can also provide feedback to the students, attach a graded file to return to them, and post any instructor grading notes or file attachments.8. Click Submit.KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD ASSIGNMENT GRADE CENTER