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How do I download the Grade Center in Excel?
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You can download grades to Excel by following these steps:1. Login to Blackboard Learn at https://bb.clemson.edu and navigate to your course.2. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center.3. Click Full Grade Center. The Grade Center page is displayed.4. Click Work Offline on the far right of the page.5. Then select Download. The Download Grades page is displayed.6. Select the Data to Download. a. Full Grade Center Contains all columns and associated data. b. Selected Grading Period Contains all the column and data associated with the selected grading period. Grading Periods must be created in the Grade Center before they can be chosen. c. Selected Column Using the dropdown menu, select one column and its data. Check the box to include comments for the column. Select the checkbox to Include Comments for this Column if desired. d. User Information Only Columns containing student data such as First Name, Last Name, and User Name are included.7. Select the file Delimiter Type. Tab delimited is default and suggested.8. Select My Computer.9. Click Submit.10. Click Download.11. Click Open, to open the Grade Center downloaded in Microsoft Excel.12. Click Save, to save a copy of the Grade Center to your local computer. File name is automatically generated with course ID and the date and time of the download.KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD GRADE CENTER DOWNLOAD GRADES