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Users unable to access Library databases and electronic journals - does not include My Library Account
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As it is set right now a lockout occurs after 4 invalid attempts. When more than that occurs the software will also lockout the IP address where the invalid logins are coming from. It does a lockout of the IP address so any robots or users that try to login with random user idand39s will stop hitting the server. If an IP is locked out, the lockout lasts for 24 hours so even if a userandrsquos password is reset they will still be unable to access the Libraryandrsquos databases and ejournals until the lockout has expired. However, if the user tries to access the databases from a different IP with a valid userid and password within the 24 hour lockout they should be successful. For Clemson users that are off campus, http://cuvpn.clemson.edu is a better alternative as they will not need to authenticate through the Libraryandrsquos proxy server, and thus not be affected by any lockouts. Users requiring additional assistance may contact ithelpclemson.edu or call the CCIT Support Center at 8646563494