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When I use Outlook Web Access to make new calendar appointments, why do they not appear on my Outlook calendar later?
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When using Outlook Web Access OWA to make calendar appointments, you must save them while in the New Appointment window. Otherwise, you will not see them when you view your Calendar later. To make a new appointment in OWA, follow the steps below: 1. Viewing your calendar in OWA, on the Toolbar above your calendar, click the triangle or pulldown menu beside New, and then select Appointment. 2. In the New Appointment window, fill in the appropriate fields e.g., Subject:, Location:, Start time:, End time:, and set a reminder if you wish. 3. Click the Save and Close or Save icon to save the appointment. Note: If you close the New Appointment window after entering your information without first clicking the Save and Close or Save icon, OWA will not save your appointment.