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Outlook Delegation (Proxy)
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Your calendar is part of the set of data that is stored on the Exchange Server. This configuration allows other users to see your busy and free times. It also enables those to whom you delegate proxy rights to take action on your calendar based on the delegation rights you gave them. If you need someone else to take action on your tasks, notes or email, then you can delegate access permission for those items in your account. To assign sharing permissions for your calendar to someone else, right click on your calendar in the navigation pane and select Change Sharing Permissions. Add people and specify the rights you wish them to have. Alternatively, if you just wish someone to have reviewer rights only, you can click the Share My Calendar link in the navigation pane, specify the user name and send the message. They should receive a message that your calendar has been shared with them and the message should have a button to open your calendar. Once you have opened another userand39s calendar once, you should see that person listed in the Navigation Pane under the section Peopleand39s Calendars. Click the check box to show the calendar you wish to see.