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Starting a Secure Hummingbird Session
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Starting a Secure Hummingbird Session Clemson Universityand39s mainframe is configured to accept SSL connections. To increase security for mainframe users and applications, CCIT will restrict outside connections to the University mainframe to either SSLencrypted or VPNbased connections. CCIT encourages users to use SSL for all TN3270 connections to Clemsonand39s mainframe, whether they originate on campus or not. This article describes how to configure x3270 for SSL mainframe sessions at Clemson and is valid for WC3270 3.3. 1. Open the Hummingbird Neighborhood by going to Start andrarr All Programs andrarr Hummingbird Connectivity andrarr Hummingbird Neighborhood 2. Create a new profile by double clicking on New HostExplorer Profile and give it a unique name such as MVSVTAM SSL 3. Click on the arrow on the properties button and select Connection 4. Click on the small pencil and change the port number to 992 and click OK to save the changes 5. Next, click on the plus sign beside the Security folder and select General 6. Select SSL/TLS and click ok 7. Next, click on the SSL/TLS tab 8. Place a check in the check box the says andldquoNegotiate via Telnetandrdquo and leave everything the way it is 9. Click ok to finish the new profile setup. 10. Double click on the new profile and make sure there is a closed lock at the bottom of the screen 11. You are now connected to the mainframe using SSL