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How To: Download or Save an Adobe Connect Recording
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NOTE: Once a Meeting has been deleted all Recordings and Content such as any Power Point files for that Meeting are also permanently deleted If you made a Recording of your Meeting then you can save it to your own computer by following these instructions:1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server https://connect.clemson.edu. 2. Click the Meetings link in the gray menu bar.3. Click the Name of the meeting for which to download a recording.4. Click the Recordings link.NOTE: Recordings are downloaded in real time. If the recording is an hour in duration, it will take an hour to download. 5. A popup message will be displayed. When prompted, click Proceed with Offline Recording.6. Select the location of where the file should be stored. 7. Enter a name for the file.8. Click Save. KEY WORDS: Adobe Connect download save meeting recording