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HOW TO: Copy a podcast from one Blackboard course to another course
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Option 1: Create a Campus Pack podcast from the content area of the course where you want to copy a podcast 1. Go to Content area.2. Go to Tools tab, click the action link and select Campus Pack Podcast Feed.3. Select Copy from Existing button on the top.4. Select Courses to choose your source course where podcasts reside or type your user ID in the box to search your course.5. Click Copy. Option 2: Export and import a podcast 1. Go to your original Blackboard course. 2. Locate the podcast in your content area, such as Content or Information section.3. Click Edit under the action link of the podcast.4. Click Export on the top. 5. Select Export format from the dropdown: Export as an importable archive. 6. Click Export button. 7. Your export will be created as a .zip file. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of the podcast. 8. Click Export again when the archive file is ready. Click the file to download it.9. Next go to the course where you want to import the podcast. 10. Go to content area Tools tab, select Campus Pack Podcast Feed. 11. Select Import an Archive.12. This will allow you to upload the zip file that you previously exported from your source course. Option 3: Use Course Copy feature 1. Create a content area on the course menu so all the podcasts are in the same section.2. Click and expand Packages and Utilities under Control Panel. 3. Click Course Copy.4. Click Browse button to select another course.5. Check the box next to Podcasts. 6. Click Submit to finish.The podcasts will be copied over to another course. If you need to copy to multiple courses, you will have to use the copy process one course at a time. Next thing you might need to check is to make sure students in the new course where the podcast is copied over have permission to access the podcast.Here are steps:1. Go to the content area where the podcast is located in your Blackboard course.2. Click the action link next to the podcast name, select Edit.3. Click Permissions on the top right corner of the screen.4. Under Viewers tab, click My Courses to locate the Blackboard course ID to provide students viewer permission, or select People to add individual viewer. Note: Viewer permission only allows viewers to access the podcast, but canandrsquot participate. You may change permission level to Authors, Owners. Authors are the actual participants who can make new episodes and edit content. Owners can view own episodes, view podcast and manage podcast.5. Click Add button.6. Click Save and Exit. KEYWORDS: Blackboard Campus Pack Podcast