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ERROR: Echo 360 - application appears tiled/duplicate buttons
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Problem: Buttons and Echo image appear tiled on the intro screen and once you access the software.Solution:Verify your font settings on your computer. Thisoccurs when the system font size is set to greater than 100. Echo 360 Personal Capturesoftware does not handle this well, and visually is only designed for the system font size to be at 100. To verify your font size: Option 1:1.Click the Start Menu.2.Select Control Panel.3.Click the Fonts icon.4.On the left side of the screen select Change Font Size.5.Select Smaller andndash 100 default.6.Then click Apply. Option 2:1.Rightclick on the desktop.2.Select Personalize.3.In the bottom left corner of the window click the Display link.4.Select Smaller andndash 100 default.5.Then click Apply. Keywords: ECHO 360, ECHO360, SOFTWARE, INTRO SCREEN, TILED, DUPLICATE, BUTTONS